Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Very Zombie Christmas

People should know to be careful what they ask for. Last year at the barn, Kari gave all of us wreaths to decorate then hang on our horses' stall doors. It was a contest, and people went overboard. Overboard as in lights, music, pictures of every horse in the barn pulling Santa's sleigh overboard. They kept adding to their wreaths too, competition-style.

The wreath I made last year was very tasteful. It had a night-time picture of the barn with all of it's Christmas lights. It had golden snowflakes and I had re-purposed red horse show ribbons into Christmas ribbons.

We weren't even in the top 3.

This year, Shannon came up with our wreath theme and off to the dollar store I went. The theme for this year's wreath?
 That's right. Zombies. With white-ed out eyes, missing limbs and gushing blood.
We're a shoe-in to win.
Be careful what you ask for- especially at my house, because you just might be sorry. And appalled.


  1. that's pretty disgusting.

    and I'd love to see pics of last years 'tasteful' wreath!

  2. Well I know Melinda's family would love it!