Tuesday, December 20, 2011

One Desperate Goat

I've told you about my friend, Alverson the Goat, who lives at the barn. He terrorizes the children and anyone else who gives him the chance, but we are friends, the goat and I.

Alverson has been a bad Christmas goat, eating the special pine bough and stocking decorations that Kari puts on the barn stall doors.
He even chewed so much on Shannon's Christmas Zombie Wreath that it had to be moved to the barn office. Things reached the breaking point when Alvey chewed Rocko's holiday apple through the stocking on Rocko's door, making a mushy mess.
Kari had had enough. Alvey was sent to live inside a stall with Donald, one of the horses. Donald promptly fell in love with Alvey and threw a fit when they couldn't be together, so Alvey had to move again- to Rocko's stall. Rocko couldn't have cared less. Alvey was not so happy. Here is the face of a desperate goat:
Alvey rammed Rocko's door from the inside- billy goat style. Rocko yawned. Alvey screamed his pathetic goat-scream. Rocko ate his lunch. In case you were wondering, yes, it is hard to take a picture of two animals with four legs who are in constant motion in a 12x12 foot space, who both want your attention. You might have cookies, after all.
Alvey is coming to accept his fate and Rocko seems to be only horse that doesn't either fall in love with Alvey or try to kill him. It looks like they will be roommates for a while.

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