Friday, December 30, 2011

Homemade Canvas Prints

I love those canvas prints that are so trendy- and expensive- right now. When I saw directions on how to make them on Pinterest, I gave it a try.

First, I bought 24x30 canvases at Hobby Lobby and painted the edges black.
I had big prints made at Inkleys and had to trim them a bit to fit the canvases. I'll do better research about sizes next time.
Then I painted my little friend, Mod Podge, all over the canvas, using a foam brush. I didn't put too much on, just a light coat. Then I set the picture on, making sure the edges were even. I laid down waxed paper and turned the whole thing upside-down on the kitchen table.
Have you been wondering what to do with that set of encyclopedias you bought back in 1993? You use them to weigh down the back of your canvas. Let it sit overnight, so that you are sure that it's nice and dry.
They turned out kind nice, I think! I'll be doing this again.


  1. Very, very cool project! I'll have to do this next year for the marrieds!

  2. So cool! whats nice about pinterest is that you can find home made Mod Podge recipes too! (that stuff is expensive). They turned out beautiful!

  3. cute!! How much did the prints cost? what type of print did u ask for?