Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas At The Barn

 I love the horse barn at Christmastime.
 Kari goes all out with the decorations. I have major Plastic Santa Envy for this guy who is driving the tractor. If you ever see one for sale, seriously, give me a call. Some of the horses have a hard time adjusting to the new decorations- that Santa looks like a horse-eater to me. You never know.
Shannon and I always give a little sumn'-sumn' to our barn friends at Christmastime. There are a lot of them- usually about 25, so that gift has to be cost effective. This is what we came up with this year:
We call it a Horse Show Emergency Kit. It has a bottle of water for those 95 degree days, a package of Pop Tarts to keep their blood sugar up, a few band-aides and some peppermints for their horses. I think it's pretty cute and, thanks to Costco, they cost about $1.25 each.


  1. Santa is a horse eater....ROFL......

  2. They eat horse in Hawaii, I hear it is AMAZING. Just sayin'.