Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Best and The Worst

My all-time favorite Christmas movie:
Great music, great plot, makes me cry, makes me laugh.

My least favorite:
Depressing. Worst Christmas songs of all time. Please, don't make me watch this!

How about you?


  1. I also love White Christmas. Holiday Inn is great too. and I LOVE the Grinch (the original cartoon version, not the newer one). Probably my favorite, though, is Its a Wonderful Life with Jimmy Stewart. Such a great film.

    least favorite? Hmmm. there are so many to choose from. I actually really get tired of the so-called 'feel good' Christmas romances that have absolutely no plot or character development. I've seen plenty of them because my parents collect them. They have a thing for Christmas movies and can't seem to edit their collection. :) gotta love people's fetishes, eh? :)

  2. I like White Christmas and It's a Wonderful Life. Really love Christmas Story as well. I'm with you on Peanuts.