Friday, December 23, 2011

Marshmallow Snowmen

Shannon and Lindsey made my neighbor gifts for me this year. How nice to have several willing pairs of hands around the house! I copied this idea off of Pintrest. It's from the Wilton website.

First they threaded 3 big marshmallows onto sticks,
Then rolled them in melted chocolate, (I was the chocolate melter!),
Then drew on arms and faces once the chocolate had hardened.
Most of our snowmen were happy,
But a few got a little out of control. You know how my house works.

There was the Angry Snowman:

The Alien-Creature-Erupting-From-My-Belly Snowman:
The Impaled-Through-The-Head Snowman:
I'm not sure what kind of snowman this is:
And a special Band-Aid Snowman for my neighbor across the street who fell off a ladder and broke his hip a few weeks ago.
These were easy and fun to make, plus they are cute! The perfect neighbor gift.


  1. Leland likes the mad one (or so he keeps screaming in my ear) I think they are all cute. What lucky neighbors you have.

  2. How cute! Pinterest always has cute ideas