Monday, December 5, 2011

No More Candy Bars For Xena

Poor Xena. She has diabetes. I suspected that she did, since she's been drinking way too much water, but when she started having accidents inside the house it was time to act. So, into the Pet Porter and off to the vet she went.
Oh, how she hates that Pet Porter.

Xena is such a funny cat. She is SO wimpy about everything...except the vet. She tries to kill the poor man. It takes several people to hold her down for any kind of test, then she spends the rest of the time hiding her face in my arm or trying to climb up the front of me to hide her face in my neck.

So, now she's officially diabetic and today we go back to the vet (!) to start an insulin program. Looks like I'll be a professional cat-shot-giver from now on.

I hope she doesn't kill me.

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