Thursday, January 13, 2011


Try that title a few times and soon it will be rolling off your tongue. This was a nice little shopping center on the touristy side of Sedona where we went to lunch. It had a few restaurants, some art galleries and lots of sculptures.

Sculptures first- this glass bowl wanted to come live at my house.These Indians scared me a bit. I think they were probably the Walking Dead and had no souls.There were bohemian clothes hanging from the balconies, and hidden regurgitating King Triton fountains in out of the way courtyards. Our favorite gallery was one run by husband and wife photographers- amazing images!The building themselves looked like they might have been a neighbor to the Alamo There was even a chapelm in case you felt the need to pray while in mid-shop.But this was my favorite picture of the morning:


  1. I think those Indian sculptures have clogged energy flows, and I know I'm always looking for a place to pray when I'm shopping. Haven't you noticed that on the pre-school jaunts?

  2. You've convinced me to ask Z if he'll take me to Sedona for a little un-anniversary swaray. This place looks lovely.