Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Backyard Needs A Mickey Totem Pole.

 When Disney arranged complementary rooms for us before and after the cruise, we never thought that that we would be staying at 2 of their nicest properties. We felt pampered! Before the cruise, we stayed at The Wilderness Lodge, which is almost as big as my sister's lodge in Idaho. The Wilderness Lodge is supposed to be designed like the great National Park lodges of the West, except with a few more Disney details and a Native American Theme. The 7 story lobby was amazing with it's totem poles and tepee chandeliers:
This was my favorite totem pole:

There were "geysers" in the lobby and outside by the pool:
The view from our room wasn't too shabby, either, and neither were the cool carved headboards of our beds:  
 After the cruise we stayed at the Grand Floridian and Spa, which looks just like The Del in San Diego.It was beautifully Victorian with a much more posh clientel. I'll admit that I went to the spa for a steam and some time in the jacuzzi, but just because it was free if you stayed in the hotel. Exciting moment: I saw a bride in a Cinderella carriage going off to her wedding!

The lobby was amazing:
If I was lucky enough to choose where I'd stay again, it would would be in the Wilderness Lodge- much more my less-than-posh, relaxed style. Plus, they have a Mickey totem pole. :)


  1. I would agree with your choice for the Wilderness Lodge, it looked like it had way more potential for fun and relaxation! But I'm a child of the West.
    I feel like i've finally been to Disneyland with all the photos you've put up. :)

  2. When you get the totem pole in your backyard, I'll unveil the other 12 floors in the lodge. They both look like great places!