Thursday, January 20, 2011

Merry Christmas To You, I Mean Us

I had an awesome Christmas this year. Bruce was really in a spoiling mood, which is just fine with me! One of my presents what a "choose between 2 good things" gift. My choices? A new camera, which I sorely need if I want to become a premier equine photographer, (watch out, world!!) or a cargo trailer to carry all of our horse show stuff. I've taken it upon myself to drag our barn out of the depths of ghetto-hood and into the world of awesome coolness. New barn display additions for 2011: a wicker sofa and 2 wicker arm chairs. With cushions. All of this awesomeness just won't fit in the back of the pickup.

From the time I opened the gift, Bruce started the persuasion- in the trailer direction. (But what about my SO awesome new Nikon, with the lens longer than the camera body? The lens that is so big that the tripod attaches to the lens and not the camera??) Over time I realized that it would make Bruce so much more happy if we got a trailer, which we did last week. It's pretty great, and a grundle of horse show things will fit inside. Bruce is making plans to haul it around to bike races on the weeks when I'm not at a show. Now if I can just convince Bruce that it's not an RV and I have no intention of sleeping inside...


  1. Scott would say you could throw a sleeping bag and foam pad in there...

  2. Thats what RV's are for ~ and you have one of those I think!

  3. We will look awesome at all the high class shows now! Here comes Saltaire! Now if we could only get our trainer to have matching clothes...