Sunday, January 9, 2011

I'm Not Lying.

Believe it or not, as we sit here in the freezing Utah weather with snow, inversion and sub zero temperatures, there are places where flowers are blooming. Yes, blooming right now. How do I know? Because I just spent 6 days in Arizona where it's 65 degrees. I wore T shirts with no jacket, hoodie or sweatshirt. I soaked up that Vitamin D. It was heaven and I didn't want to come home. Here's pictures to prove that what I'm saying is true:


  1. No, it's hell....summertime HELL!!! Fire and brimstone, cook your brains on the sidewalk HELL!! Let me sit here in my 30 degree bliss and not even think about it.

  2. I really like your cactus picture. I like all of your pictures, but the cactus is my favorite. Oh Aunt Barbara, I'm sad that you don't like the cold. But I'm glad you get to go to warm places so often and that you blog about them and bring cool pictures home.

  3. One day I want to be cool and go somewhere warm!