Sunday, January 16, 2011

Broken Tailbone Alumni, Unite!

Disclaimer- that is not an xray of MY broken tailbone. It belongs to someone else. I'm sure my broken tailbone was more attractive.

3 and a half years ago I broke my tailbone. How did I do that? Oh, the same way I break all of my bones- I fell off a horse. As I lay there in the dirt, instinctively clutching my buttocks, I knew that something was wrong. But I did what all good (aka, crazy) horse women do- got back on and rode some more. After all, I could still walk, couldn't I?

That night I lay on the couch with an ice pack under my bum, in great pain, and watch some lame 80's movie about a summer camp. I think Bill Murray was in it, but I might have been delirious.

After 3 days of uncomfortable-ness, I gave in and went to the doctor. Yes, I knew that if it really was broken that there was nothing they could do for me. I tend to break bones that can't be set- ribs, tailbones, toes- I must like the feeling of jagged broken pieces of myself rubbing against each other for 4-6 weeks. I just wanted to know for sure. The Doctor ordered an xray. The technician obviously thought I was faking the whole thing because she had no compassion as she arranged me just right on the xray table. Sidenote: One cannot move the lower half of one's body very well with a freshly broken tailbone. It hurts to bend over, to lift one's legs, to turn from side to side, especially when lying down.

Xrays were taken. I flattered the technician, "You read xrays better than most doctors. What do you see?" Humbly she looked at me and said, "It looks like you have every right to be sore." Ha! Take that, mean technician! So, I went home, after declining the doctor's offer of a foam donut to sit on, and healed over the next 4-6 weeks. Work was a challenge- I perfected taking pictures of 400 children a day while in a squat position. If they dropped their name card it took a few minutes for me to knee-bend to the ground to pick it up.

"Healed" is a relative term in the world of broken tailbones. Chairs that one were your friends have now become antagonistic. Sitting for a long time in one position irritates that tailbone tremendously. Shifting becomes a way of life. Sitting on one cheek and then the other is par. Long plane rides are the worst.

So, to all of you Broken Tailbone Alumni, I feel your pain. No, really, I feel your pain.


  1. Barbara!! I totally feel your pain. There is nothing like a broken tailbone. It never REALLY gets better they are just kidding you when they say that.

  2. This is one of the reasons hour 10 happens!

  3. I found this post because I just broke my tailbone last week. This is going to be one long month!