Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What Does It Mean When Your Friends Give You Deoderant For Christmas?

One of my good friends at the barn gave me deodorant for Christmas.

I know she was not implying that I am stinky, although I am quite often stinky at the barn. She gave it to me because it has a lavender scent, and she knows that I love lavender. I really like the small of lavender! I found the bestest lavender soap last year when Shannon and I were at the horse show in Scottsdale. It's my favorite soap ever.I picked up some more last week while we were there. It comes in huge, like I'm talking 20 lb. blocks, and they cut off chunks for you to buy. I'd be ok hauling home a 20 lb. chunk of this soap. It have the perfect lavender scent- not too sweet, but not too far on the licorice side. I store it in my undies drawer, in case you were wondering. :)

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