Monday, January 31, 2011

I Ain't Just Whistlin' Banjo!

When we finally got brave enough to go to the crowded parks, we started with the magic Kingdom. Personally, I couldn't wait to get the Pirates and the Haunted Mansion, so that's where we started. Orlando's Pirates is housed in a cool Spanish building. The signs out front knocked my socks off!

 Sad to say, but the ride itself was a little different. It didn't start out in the Bayou, so I had to provide my own whistled banjo music to get in the mood.There was only one not-so-exciting waterfall, so all-in-all, I was disappointed. The Haunted Mansion was better though, because a lot of what you walk through at the beginning of the ride in California is incorporated into Orlando's ride. 

 We stayed for the fierworks show, but Bruce still thinks that the flying Tinkerbell is really a man. The Castle here wins hands down over the castle in California- it is amazing!

 Getting around Disney World can be a challenge because it's so huge! Options: Monorail, bus, ferry or jungle-cruise type ship. After Bruce just about had a melt down about the monorail one night, we found the most fun way was to take the boats that went to the hotels and resorts. They were especially fun on foggy nights.

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  1. My kids all-time favorite family trip was the one we took to Florida. I'll take Disney World over Disneyland any day!