Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tour of Utah

We are big road-biking race fans at our house. I've told you how we religiously watch any race we can find on TV, especially the Tour de France in July. There are riders we like, (Andy Schleck),  and riders we despise, (Cavendish!). Utah has it's own race, called the Tour of Utah. It has more vertical climbs (steep mountains) than any other race in America and it's starting to attract some of the big-name biking teams from around the world.

The first leg of this year's race started in Ogden. Bruce and I went downtown to see the teams introduced the night before the big start. The team jerseys were on display:
All bike races have pretty girls to give out the daily awards. Utah has the modestly dressed Nu Skin girls!
The teams came out on stage to the wild applause of the crowd and were asked a few questions by the MC. "Do you think this will be a hard race?" "It's pretty hot here in Utah, isn't it?" "Who on your team speaks English?"
There are a few different categories of competition within a race, and those leaders get to wear a special jersey. Ironically, the best rider from Utah gets to wear the Miller Lite beer jersey.
Someone has a sense of humor.

It's good to see this sport growing in Utah!


  1. do you ride too (not in THIS race, of course)or just watch?

  2. Bruce has been in a few races, but I'm just a spectator.