Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Is This A Good Activity?

I mentioned yesterday that when we get together for a girl's weekend, we make crafts. My middle sister- with the help of her handy husband- brought all the pieces and parts to make the neatest photo collage hanger. Putting it all together required advanced woodworking skills like gluing and spray painting:

She might have been a little frustrated with all of us by the time it was all over.
Also, it may have been mentioned that such a frustration level might have been the demise of Homemaking Meetings as we used to know them. All I know is that if this is the level of our future crafts, I'm going to have to up my game to something spectacular like resin grape clusters or macrame pot hangers.
Look how cute the finished project is, hanging in my laundry room! I love it! I love it so much that I put my favorite picture of myself with Alvey the Goat on the second row, right next to the picture of Lindsey making the "loser" sign on her forehead and a few pictures down from Peter reading the funnies while pretending to use the bathroom at Shannon and Ben's house. Lots of good memories will be going on that board.
My other sister is a guru at card making. Every year she brings all of the pre-cut papers and instructs us on the gluing and bejeweling and stamping required to make these cute cards. (Grandma gets a little frustrated with the whole card making process. She might have to sit in a corner while the rest of us make cards next year.)
 My contribution was composition books that we covered with patterned paper, then we made them fancy with stickers, sayings and flowers. I made a few extra for my daughters and my VT-ing ladies.
It's fun to be creative together!


  1. I love your photo holder in black - it looks awesome! Also, I'm pretty sure I don't have room at my house for resin grapes or macrame of any kind :)

  2. Love it in black!!
    And definitely in.....the.....corner.

  3. lol, everything looks so cute! Love the photos you chose. LOVE the descriptions of the people involved in the crafting... :)