Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Finally, City Creek

One more post from last week's wedding adventure day. After the wedding luncheon, the boys decided to head on home. Shannon and I wanted to stick around for the reception, which meant that we had a bit more time to fill.

We went shopping at the City Creek Center. :)
This place is nice. Nice fountains, nice stores. A creek runs right through the center of the mall.
We found some new shoes and accessories. And we went to the most exciting store:
We browsed in Tiffany's just for fun. I actually found a few reasonably priced things in there that I wouldn't mind having...
Our last stop was Nordstom's where I picked up a few Jo Malone perfume samples. Mmmm. It was lots of fun to shop here!


  1. Wow.....it looks like an amazing place!

  2. LOVE Shannon's outfit! Please tell her I think she looks classy and adorable!

    and that DOES look like a sweet mall...