Monday, August 20, 2012

To The Mine!

You remember that we went to a fun family wedding last week, right? With a few hours to kill before the luncheon, we went on an adventure. Bruce found out about a road that would take us to an overlook of Bingham Copper Mine. So off we went.

The road is goes up Butterfield Canyon. It was a surprise, how quickly we left the city behind and were up in the pine and aspen trees. What a pretty place! The 7 mile road was paved up to the last mile or so, but with the 4Runner, we had no problems.
In about 10 minutes, we had made it to the overlook. Even with the smoky, smoggy air filling the valley, the mine was pretty impressive-
Looking west, we could see the Tooele Valley.
 Brian looked for fossils and Peter tried to look like a model, but it looks more like he has a stomach ache.
  I want to come back to Butterfield Canyon when the leaves start to turn. I'll bet it's beautiful then!

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