Monday, August 27, 2012

A Girl's Getaway

Every year my sisters, mom and I- along with other rotating family members, spend a few days together. We talk, make crafts, eat food, take pictures, watch movies, talk for hours and laugh, laugh, laugh. Usually we do all this at my sister's cabin, deep in the Idaho wilderness. But with this year's fires, the air up in that wilderness is very, very smokey. So we went to that sister's house in Twin Falls instead. It wasn't the wilderness, but with a view like this out the back door, no one was complaining.
This year's cast of girl's weekend characters included my mom:
My sister who was born first, whose house we descended upon:
That sister's cute DIL:
My sister who was born second:
That sister's daughter and her oh-so-sweet 8 week old little boy:
Ollie, the perfect dog:
And Smokie, the outdoor cat who desperately wants to be an indoor cat.
I'll be sharing some of the things we did together over the next few days. Boy, did we have fun! I think we should do it again next weekend.


  1. THAT is an AWESOME photo of Mama Allan! Please send me a copy!


  2. ROFL.....
    It was such a great time!