Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Ogden, the town in which I live, holds a pretty dad-gurn good rodeo for Pioneer Days. This year, we went on Rodeo Family night. At least some of us did. The rest of us were at work. But I digress.

We were there early enough to see the teenage kids ride the mini bulls.
And what's a rodeo without some mutton busting?
This is a good example of mutton wrangling.
This little girl was the winner. Impressive trophy, right?
There were fancy cowboy pickup trucks too!
Skydivers delivered the Utah and American flags. Those 4 little dots? Those are the skydivers.
Brian was convinced that the Republicans were running this rodeo. Between the Opening Prayer and the sheer quantity of American flags, he might have been right. This little girl sang the national anthem while sitting on a bull. No kidding!
Ok. This was an amazing sight. If you look closely, you can see that there are sparklers shooting out of the top of this flag pole. No wonder that horse is running so fast! Someone's trying to kill him!
These are a few of the Whooppee Girls. I have no idea why they are called that, but there are about 20 of them that help out at the rodeo. Carrying flags and such. And scaring their horses to death with sparkler- shooting flagpoles.
 Here are a few of the bareback riders. I'd last about 1/2 a second on one of these bad boys.
There were Steer Wrestlers, a crazy rodeo clown, the Weber County Sheriff's Mounted Posse, Baby Cow Ropers and Barrel Racers.
Of course, they saved the Bull Riders till last. You'd have to be either brave or crazy to try this!
There were lots of flying bodies during the bull riding, I'm afraid.
This poor cowboy had his hand caught in the rigging, (do they call it rigging?), and did a good rag
doll impression.
Thankfully his hand came loos and the whole lot made a run for it. His arm is 6 inches longer now.
 Rodeos are fun!


  1. Lots of crazy people in the world!

  2. My hubby and I like the rodeos, but we like the demolition derby's more. :)