Monday, April 9, 2012

Rugby Touch

 One of the first things Peter wanted to do when he got home from his mission was to buy a rugby ball. Rugby is the nation passion of New Zealand and other Polynesian countries. On P-days, his native companions taught Pete how to play Rugby Touch, the less brutal form of rugby. It's like what Touch Football is to regular Football. (BTW, if you want to see a brutal sport, look at a few professional rugby clips on youtube.)

Last Saturday, Peter- out of desperation to play his beloved game, dragged is middle-aged parents to the backyard for a lesson in Rugby Touch. First he played around a bit with the ball:
 Then he tried a few passes with his dad.
 Apparently, we were not meeting his rugby needs, so he called Ben and Shannon so that they could add a bit more excitement.
 After a bit of instruction,
 And a rescue of the ball from the pool cover,
 We were off!
Oops- another pool rescue:
 Sometimes it was pretty hair-raising!
It was a good first lesson for us. Thank goodness rugby is catching on and there are leagues and a team at Utah State. I don't think we quite lived up to South Seas standards.

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