Thursday, April 5, 2012

I Am A Champion.

People in my family can be competitive. Alright, psychotically competitive. We like to win. One yearly competition we enjoy is picking the winning college basketball teams during March Madness. We don't bet, we just pick- and the winner gets bragging rights and a small prize. Many hours go into picking the right teams.
I have never had a great track record in the March Madness tournament. The first big day of picking usually falls when I'm at the Scottsdale horse show, which really complicates things. This year I decided to make it easier on myself. With the announcement of the teams who will be playing, there is also a "power ranking" of each team. This year I made all of my picks based on the power rankings.

My Final Four teams? The 4 top ranked teams in the power rankings.
My Champion? The #1 power ranked team.
 I took time to write down the power ranking of each team so that choosing teams would be easy.
Guess what! It worked, and I won the whole tournament! My boys were not impressed.

This is what I won:

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