Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Powder Room Makeover

If you've been to my house, you know that the little bathroom off of my kitchen has always been very ho-hum. Time to change all that! I started with some vinyl lettering and some plaques I found at Tai Pan:
Sorry about the lighting- it's a tiny room.

Then I made this wall hanging that has a hook. I can hang seasonal or holiday thingies on that hook. I'm big on changing things for holidays.
The base is an old cabinet door that I bought for $2.00 at a Habitat For Humanity Restore in Phoenix. I'd never heard about these stores. They are like the DI but they have furniture and building supplies- mostly from remodels. There's one in Salt Lake and 3 in Phoenix. Any who, I spray painted the door white, mod podged on some scrapbook paper, antiqued it with watered down craft paint, (which I promptly spilled all over my kitchen table and rug!), then Bruce help me screw on the hook. It probably cost $7.00 to make. Voila!
 This is definitely the cutest this bathroom has ever looked!


  1. I love the wall hanging with a hook! also I loved the sprayed mat from a few posts ago. Thank you Pinterest for helping shape peoples lives for the better! Your house is looking so stylish.

  2. Why did I not get this gene???