Friday, April 13, 2012

A Few Hundred New Neighbors

A friend of ours in the ward called us one day and asked if we'd be interested in having a beehive in our backyard. He had a buddy from the next county over who had a bunch of hives and was looking to spread them out across the area. I thought it was a great idea, seeing as how the bee populations are down and pollination hasn't been as good lately. So, our new neighbors arrived a few nights ago, just as the sun was going down.

First, the hive had to go where the morning sun would warm it.
 This old trough we had would make a good support. Don't ask why we have an old trough.
 Then the hive was unloaded and carried to it's new home.
 Mr. Beekeeper put on his protective hood and smoked the hive to keep the bees calm while he opened all of their doors and gave them some nectar to eat until more plants were flowering.
 The next afternoon I wandered out to see if they had enough water. There is a saucer of water on top of the hive now. The bees were very busy, flying in and out. I was brave and walked right up to refill their water and they didn't even care. A few bees didn't survive the move- it probably stressed them too much.
Anyway, these are our new neighbors. I'm sure I'll be keeping you updated on their progress and the progress of our intensely pollinated plants!


  1. This is how we get our honey. There are hives down on the farm in Mapleton and in exchange for letting him put the bees there, the keeper gives FIL honey.
    And why do you have a big old trough??

  2. Our neighbor does this, and I'm sure our plants benefit! We have also gotten some of their yummy honey :)

  3. We're pollinators, We're pollinators...

  4. !!!!! Love this! We're looking at doing this right away with our new home.