Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sacramento Temple Compound

After coming down out of the mountains, it was a bit of a bummer to be back in a town, even if it was the state capitol. I went right to the Sacramento Temple. The church has a "sweet as" deal going here. You go in a gate at the bottom of a hill, then drive up a curvy driveway to get to the temple. It's basically in a compound of about 5 acres with a ward house, bowery and 2 private houses- for the temple presidency, I'm thinking. And there are lots and lots of trees. Surprisingly, the temple was open on a Monday evening. I got nosy and asked a lady why and she said it was a for a special stake session. Interesting. There were missionaries there too and they were loud- laughing and having fun.
Since it was after dark, I used my tripod and the timer on my camera. It's so tricky with different angles and spotlights and such. I loved this temple. In fact, I quite liked Sacramento. It's location can't be beat. Within 2 hours you can be up in the mountains, or visiting San Francisco, or picking grapes in the Napa Valley.