Thursday, January 19, 2012


Yesterday I told you how I was a bit intimidated at staying in a mega-resort-casino all by myself. My usual wimpy self would hide out in my room, enjoying my own company. But at this resort they have an aquarium, and I love aquariums. So, I pulled myself together and went venturing out.

It was fun! Complete anonymity in a crowd of Vegas party-ers. There were brides and grooms walking around, people of every culture, dress and sobriety level. It was a great people-watching place, but I was on my way to...Shark Reef. (Sorry, Sister Who Has Been On The Earth The Longest, but this place is just not for you, is it? You can stop reading now, if you want to.)

I could totally relate to the decor of the place, since is was so much like the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland.
They started us out easy with the Kimodo Dragons, snakes and Piranhas.
Then we walked through an acrylic tube that took us through the shark filled waters.
On to the rays, which you could touch, if you wanted to. Which I didn't. (Slimey, rubbery, gross.)
I loved the jellyfish, even if I don't really understand how they're bodies work.
The lion fish were awesome- I've always liked these guys.
So, I was glad I was brave and ventured forth by myself. Maybe I'm growing up. Just a little bit.

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  1. Not big on the sharks at all, but the other things are pretty fascinating...