Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Frock Shop

Every once in a while, my sister who lives in Idaho brings her cute (redheaded) daughter down to our area to do clothes shopping, usually school shopping. They invite my other sister and me along and we have a great time playing dress up with our niece. That cute little redhead is growing up now and is in the market for prom dresses, which takes our little shopping trips to a whole new level!

Niece's job: Try on beautiful dresses, then give the thumbs up, or the thumbs down.

"Love the top, hate the skirt."
 Our job: Give our opinions freely and take pictures.
"Too much cleavage!"
"Wrong color, but I love the style!"
 "Needs more bling on top!"
"I look like a Christmas tree!"
"This might be the one!"
 "But I really like this one too!"
 "This is the one!"
 Yes, she chose well and will be the envy of all at the Prom-
 I like this shopping upgrade!


  1. hooray! all the choices are so FUN and I LOVE the final selection! What a great time!

  2. Fun! I want to go shopping for dresses too!