Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Love Box

I stayed at a big and swanky Las Vegas Casino all by myself. I thought I might just hide in my room, but they had an aquarium in site, so I was brave and ventured forth. More on that tomorrow. But today I will give you a tour (ala Pioneer Woman) of my room on the 60th floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Megacity. (In consideration of my Sister Who Has Been On The Earth The Longest, I won't show pictures of the view 60 stories down from my window.)

The bed and settee. (I don't know if it's really called a settee, but it looked like what I imagine a settee would look like.)
The kidney shaped table and lounging area.
I give you The Vegas Minibar, complete with Vodka and Tequilla.
The mini bar included one of these also:

The palatial bathroom. Notice the TV.
The soaking tub. I soaked in this tub while watching the Republican Debate. I'll bet I was the only person in the whole hotel doing that.
I ordered a horrendously expensive but delicious cheeseburger from room service. It was strange to be in a place like this by myself, but I did feel pampered.


  1. Well this old woman appreciates not seeing the free fall from 60 stories up.

  2. Not as pretty as the temples, but those rooms are nicely furnished. (safe is sexy, hehe). I love the fish tanks in Vegas. I'm excited for that post. :)

  3. That love box is a little frightening! Sometime in my life I'm going to order room service . . . never done that yet.