Wednesday, January 25, 2012

One Ferrari, Please

For date night Bruce and I went to the car show in Salt Lake. We're trying to figure out what to do about our car situation. Peter will be home in about 6 weeks, (yeah!), and we want him to have a least a little bit of freedom. In other words, he can't be infringing on our freedom. In more other words, he can't be borrowing our cars all the time, right? We used to have an extra car, the Camry, but it breathed it's last a few months ago. So, we went to see what was on the market, just in case we decide to get a new car...for me! These are a few of our options:

Too small.
Oh, yeah. These would be awesome, but they can't tow my cargo trailer. What a shame.
These would be fun!
Too flashy.
 We really need to work on Bruce's posing skills.
 This truck would come in handy. It had a pull-out BBQ station, a flat screen TV and surround sound. It could pull my trailer, too!
 We didn't make any major decisions, but it was sure fun to see all of the fancy new cars!


  1. Hey, I think we used to have one like that red and white one when I was little...except it was green and white.

  2. If you're looking for a reliable car for Peter, Professor Plum- our little camry is for sale 1,600.00. Gets great mileage and has been maintaned by Kepsels. Unless your looking for an excuse to spend money on yourself, which I would not blame you for. :)