Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Yep, There Are Sunsets There.

Bruce and I spent the Easter weekend with Brian and Lindsey in San Diego- what fun!! We got there Friday afternoon- just in time to check in at our hotel and run to Sunset Beach. What a great place to spend an evening! Spring has definitely arrived in San Diego- there were flowers everywhere. The cliffs at the beach were covered with what I call "Sea Wheat", blooming Ice plant and Stattice:We soaked up the last rays of the day:Watched the surfers and creative beach-goers:And a catalog photo shoot:There were big birds riding the wind currants and one seal in the water:
Bruce was very concerned that we'd all pitch off the edge of the cliffs:
But the sunset was the best of all!


  1. It's a beautiful place - we spent some time at Sunset Beach last fall when we were there.

  2. What a pretty place! And the ice plant reminds me of the house in Canoga Park...we had a whole hill of the stuff in the back yard. :)

  3. How much fun! It looks like it was a great day at the beach. I'm sure Brian and Lindsey are loving it.

  4. So beautiful! Looks like you guys had a great time!