Saturday, April 10, 2010

Scrambled Easter Eggs?

What could be the perfect ending to an Easter Sunday in San Diego? Well, and earthquake might be a good place to start! It was pretty exciting when the whole building started to shake and rumble while we were making Easter dinner. I got to teach one of the "earthquake basics"- learned from my childhood in Southern California: One of the safest places in an earthquake is the doorways, because they are reinforced. Here's a re-enactment:We were a ways from the epicenter down in Mexico, where there was lots of damage from the 7.2 quake. The lights, blinds and mirrors were really rattling and swaying! Where we were, it felt more like a 4.0, but it lasted for about 30 seconds, with a pretty noticeable aftershock during dinner. Bruce was in the parked car outside and he thought Brian was jumping on the bumpers.

It made for an Easter we won't forget! The Easter Bunny also finds my kids, wherever they are- he even knows about Brian's passion for all things garlic. Here's Brian with his garlic seasoning assortment. If you look at most of my pictures with Brian, you will notice that in most of them he's looking not at the camera, but over my shoulder- never making direct eye contact if he can help it. For some reason he thinks this is funny. I find it mildly frustrating:And Lindsey showing off her shark and bunny gummies:

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  1. Ah yes, the "in the doorway" earthquake experience....and I'm wanting to smack Brian for you...