Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Way Too Many Kids/Pictures!

Today I worked at Eagle Bay Elementary, the biggest school where we take pictures. We did 36 classes, including 2 autistic units, which comes out to over 900 kids. Way too many kids, way too many pictures. It's a bummer when I start taking pictures before school even starts, and we barely get the last class done before the end-of-day bell rings. Today that meant 6 hours on my feet with no lunch and no breaks, cajoling those little angels into big, bright smiles. Thank heavens it's a nice school where the kids really know how to smile! I'm beat!! Here's what I've been perfecting for the last 3 months:Welcome to the country! This set-up is actually my favorite of the the 3 Spring seasons I've done. The kids look nice and relaxed, hanging all over that fence. (Yes, we assemble a vinyl fence every day.) One boy asked me if I had a piece of straw that he could hang out of his mouth as a prop. I think he was serious. *eyeball roll* Besides better photography skills, I've also improved my crowd control skills. Today I experimented with getting entire classes to line up from across the gym, in a single file line behind a piece of tape on the floor, just using hand signals. Sometimes it worked. Things I love about my job: impromptu hugs from Kindergartners, perfect looking little girls, 12 year old boys that like to tease (in good taste!), kids who say "thank you", taking all of my equipment down at the end of the day and teachers who control their classes. Things I don't like: dirty, sticky kids, teachers who send their classes down but don't come with them, parents that don't speak English, school secretaries that ignore me, moms that are mean to their kids, Hispanic boys who raise their chins in a challenge towards me, no potty breaks, teachers who want me to "use that lens that makes me look like (fill in the blank) or that lens that takes of 20 years and 40 pounds' (If I had a dollar....) and parents that insist on "just one more" picture of their screaming 2 year old who obviously doesn't ever want to have their picture taken. Whew! Sorry, that turned into a bit of a rant! Only 3 more workin' days till my summer vacation starts!!

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  1. Sounds like it was a long day! Love the blog header photo!