Sunday, April 11, 2010

Where The River Meets The Sea

Right before the earthquake hit, we took a little stroll, (Brian called it the Batan Death March), along the beach at the Torry Pines Reserve. Lindsey likes to take long strolls at a fast pace and we all do our best to keep up. I'm sure she thinks we are all a bunch of wimps! Anyway, it was a beautiful Easter Sunday and a lot of people were out taking "strolls" too.

Brian pointing out a spot where a river flows into the ocean. Notice where his eyes are looking. Yeah.
A beach squirrel who was completely unafraid of people. This squirrel later tried to trip Brian in a quest to beat up another beach squirrel:Have you ever seen sea foam? It's gross. Lindsey thinks that it's full of people skin. Having it covering slimy seaweed makes it even grosser:Lots of para-gliders and para-sailers were out enjoying the wind:I almost died trying to follow Lindsey around this point to where the good sea shells were. We'll have to go back when the tide is out next time. So we don't die.A nice lady took our picture- good thing were weren't sitting here, under the sea cliffs, when the earthquake happened! Brian is looking at the camera now, because is mom isn't taking the picture.The hike continued up to the bluffs where the spring flowers inspired Brian to frolic:
Dad and Lindsey took a time-out to figure out the exact direction of New Zealand from the beach, and Brian pointed the way. Hi, Peter!! (I think Brian is actually making eye contact with the camera in this one- must be a fluke!)Weird old Torry Pines lizard. Yuck.See that curvy road just to the right of the center of the picture? With the cars parked in a row? Yeah, our car is way over there. By the river that meets the sea!


  1. Actual eye contact with the camera? I think you're imagining things.

  2. Psh wimps aren't allowed in the Stratford family. I've heard Brian's tales about family adventures! You guys aren't wimps.