Monday, June 1, 2009

Barn Friends

There was a clinic out at the barn last Saturday, (Rocko and I trotted around our little course in complete control- thank you, big guy!), and I took a few pictures of some of my favorite barn people who were there.

This is Jen. She turned 7 years old last Friday. The first thing Jen says when she sees me is, "Do you have any extra apples?", so I've taken to keeping a big bag in my barn locker so she can help herself. A black plastic horse lives in my locker too. Jen gave him to me. When I'm not playing with it, she knows she can play with him. My favorite thing about Jen is that she tells me everything. Everything. Until she runs out of air. Which hasn't happened yet.This is Kaitlyn. She is the only other Mormon girl at the barn that doesn't ride on Sundays. She goes to Weber State and wants to be a Pharmacist, just like her dad, Kurt. In fact, she is the low pharmacist-helper on the totem pole at Bowman's in Kaysville. Kaitlyn has a new red truck, which she LOVES. Kaitlyn's mom is my best horse show friend. We could talk for hours. Kaitlyn plays the organ in her ward on some Sundays, so we swap organ horror stories. Kaitlyn can play the foot pedals. Kaitlyn sticks out her tongue when she jumps her horse, Gary.
This is Anne washing her horse, Riva. Anne writes extra-spicy romance novels. At least, that's what I've heard, since I've never read any of her books. (Gulp!) Anne says she wants Riva to be the next Rocko, which makes me feel good.This is Jolene. Jolene is the most buff Grandma I know. Her horse Archie is a grump who likes to be a bully. Jolene spoils him rotten and feeds his ego. When she rides him, if he's bad, she scolds him right out loud. I wish Jolene cleaned Rocko's stall. She's a great stall cleaner. Jolene and Archie always match.More barn friends tomorrow!

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  1. That little gal is so cute. And how nice that she lets you play with the plastic horse.