Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Sure Way To Raise My Blood Pressure

Mention the "P" word, and my brain immediately starts to boil. "P" stands for Pruning. What is it about men that compels them to chop and hack trees and bushes? Why do they want to thin and kill those tender young growing things I so lovingly planted? I could easily live in a tropical rain forest or on the Olympic Peninsula, but my men are determined to cut down at least half of my trees every year. They've started to do their pruning when I'm not around, and one of these days they are going to cut one tree too many. I agree that things need to be maintained, but I also want my privacy. That's why we planted the trees in the first place. Right? And WHY do they name trimmers "Excalibur"?! That just encourages the guys at my house!


  1. ROFL!! Yeah, guys and power tools like this are just way out of control!

  2. Why do you think Kent's nick name around here is "the butcher"?