Sunday, June 28, 2009

An Obscene Display (but that's a good thing!)

What a busy week! I've been gone the last few days at another horse show. We have another big show coming this week, and then we get a well-deserved month off. Rocko was REALLY good at this last show. He was the champion of the Open Division, and Reserve Champion of the Pre-Green Division. I know, none of that really makes sense, but just know that he was a good boy. His door at home looks like this: (We privately call this many ribbons "an obscene display"!)
OD an Rocko were fantastic in their flat classes! You can see how happy he is:
Michelle's new puppy is just too cute:Kari's dad is visiting from Arizona. He is the nicest man:This wins the Most Dynamic Picture award. Kari is riding Rocko in a "Handy Hunter" round. They do the jumps in a crazy order and ask the horse to do unexpected things like trot a jump or make a sharp turn. If a horse is good at following all of those last minute directions, they call the horse "Handy". In this picture, they approached this jump turning left and now Kari is going to ask Rocko to make a sharp right turn. Hence all of the crazy body angles. Guess you had to be there...