Monday, June 15, 2009

I Finally Did It!

I finally got brave and rode my own horse in a horse show! Rocko and I did 2 flat classes- classes where we walk, trot and canter for the judge. I had 2 goals going in to this: 1.) Don't fall off, and 2.) Don't let Rocko run away with me. I accomplished both! Riding an ex-racehorse does have it's challenges! :) I made a few mistakes in each class, but I didn't panic, (like I did when I practiced at home!), and we got through just fine. Now I have the start of some experience under my belt and we can build on that. I even managed to stay nice and clear of all the other horses in the ring and didn't cause any horrific pile-ups! The weather didn't cooperate much with us at the show. Every afternoon we would all have to make a mad dash back to the barn to avoid being struck by lightning. Then the torrential downpour would start:
The barns have metal roofs, so the heavy rain was so loud that you couldn't talk above the sound. Some of the horses freaked out with the noise, but Rocko just stood and painfully endured. Only Daughter gave him hugs to help him get through:
More details about the show and some of my favorite pics to follow...

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  1. Well, WTG staying on and not getting rattled!