Saturday, June 6, 2009

Salt Lake Day

We spent most of the day in Salt Lake at the wedding of Chuck and Julie's son, Daniel. Lucky for us, some of our friends were there, and we slipped away after the sealing to tour the top of the Conference Center. It was nice until a rain shower moved in and we had to dash back inside. Our tour guide took us to see the Galley of the Apostles, where DH saw a painting of his ancestor, Charles W. Penrose, who baptized then married a Stratford girl in England. We saw the muscle-bound Arnold Friberg paintings and the international art competition, too. Then we had a nice lunch with the wedding party at the JSB.

The Reflecting Pond is nice and quiet at 8:00 am. There were 44 sealings at the temple yesterday!
Our good friends, Kristen and Wade:
The view from the CC roof:
This roof fountain is positioned directly over the CC pulpit:

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