Tuesday, June 2, 2009

More Barn Friends

As promised, here are a few more of my barn friends:

This is Kari. She owns the barn and she's my trainer. Kari pretty much runs my life. which is ok, most of the time. I can honestly say that she is the best trainer in the state. When I see other trainers at horse shows, I thank my lucky stars that I have Kari. Kari calls me during the commercial breaks on American Idol to talk about the singers. Rocko is Kari's favorite horse- at least for now. Kari treats me like glass because I can be...breakable. But in her heart-of-hearts, she wants me to Cowgirl-Up and be a lot tougher.This is Michelle. She's 17 and has been at the barn for forever. We think alike. We can be watching a barn or show situation unfolding, turn and look at each other, and know that we are thinking the same thing. Michelle is the best braider at the barn, and no one else is allowed to touch Rocko's mane but Michelle. I love Michelle.This is Katie and her mom, Kristen. Katie cleans Rocko's stall. Katie hadn't been around horses much when she started cleaning stalls, and Rocko smelled the blood in the water. Her terrorizes her. I've told her many times to scare the stuffin' out of him, so that he will respect her, but she is a soft-hearted girl. When she scares him, she feels bad, he laughs his evil horse-laugh and it all starts over again.There are lots of other friends at the barn, but they will have to wait for another blogging day...


  1. I'm loving meeting all these people!

  2. What a fun look into the lives of my (not quite, but close enough) relatives! :)
    Keep posting desserts and fun pictures please!

    This is Bens little sister Mandie. By the way.