Friday, May 24, 2013

Old Faithful Inn

Way back in March I gave Bruce a Yellowstone wolf-spotting trip for his birthday. We left right after church last week and were there by 5:00. We stayed in the Old Faithful Inn- so cool! The Inn was built in 1904 and is one of the famous Nation Park lodges.
The lobby is 7 stories tall and has an amazing stone fireplace, complete with a craftsman style clock.
The woodwork is made from Lodgepole pine. 4 stories of balconies overlook the lobby and fireplace. There are chairs on all those balconies and since there are no TVs in the rooms and very little internet, everyone gravitates to the lobby to people watch and play card or board games.
Our room was pretty awesome. It was in the oldest part of the hotel.
Our room had a real working radiator for heat!
Bruce thought the floors sloped so he actually moved our bed to the opposite wall, so his head would be higher than his feet. Typical Bruce move. The rooms in our hallway shared bathrooms- one for the ladies, one for the gents, but I never saw anyone else in the ladies bathroom. They were nice too- all new and tiled and spotlessly clean.
The Today show was scheduled to broadcast from the Inn on one of our mornings there. There were semis and miles of cable, spotlights and computers everywhere, inside and out. Everything was set up, down to the anchor chairs.
Then they cancelled to broadcast from Oklahoma City, where the terrible tornadoes had happened. Bruce was sad that he didn't get to see Al Roker.

We loved staying here, (except for the sloping floors), and we already have plans to go again in October!

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  1. What an awesome place...I would love to stay there!