Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Gradumacation Day #1

Graduation Day at last! Brian was awarded his Masters in Management Information Systems last Friday at Utah State in a ceremony full of Pomp and Circumstance. The candidates marched across the campus to the ceremony, led by a bagpipe band and some kind of war mace:
There's Brian!
Here he is, entering the Spectrum, site of so many basketball games. This is a place where Brian is usually yelling loud enough to burst a blood vessel, but on this day he had to mind his manners.
He had a mini fan club in the stands. Lindsey and her parents were there too.
I love Utah State- they let you get right down into the action for picture taking. Brian was hooded right in front of me.
Then he marched up to get his empty diploma folder. I always thought that was kind if a let down- put that diploma in there, guys!
 "It's prononced "Wall-chlee."
It was an awesome day and we are super proud of him!