Friday, May 10, 2013

Gradumacation 2

On the second day of graduation at Utah State, Lindsey was awarded her Bachelor of Science in Health, Physical Education and Recreation. Now she can teach kids, K-12, to be healthy and exercise! And, she can teach them Zumba!

In her ceremony, they sang The Scotsman- USU's fight song. Lots of clapping and hand waving!
On this day I could go right down on the floor and take pictures. Loved it! Here she is, waiting her turn to have her name read.
 And here we go:
 Lots of smiles now, because when her name was read a huge blast of cheers, cow bells, duck calls and an air horn, courtesy of Bruce, the kids and Lindsey's mom, echoed through the Spectrum. Followed by laughter from everyone attending.
 "There's your cheering section, right over there!"
 Lindsey then performed her special "Lindsey Dance. It was awesome.
 Congratulations, Lindsey-girl! We are proud of you!

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