Friday, May 3, 2013


I'll admit it- I'm somewhat of an introvert. Let me just hang out with my family and I'm fine. Oh, I can be social- if I have to be- and once I'm comfortable with a new person, everything's good. I'm an introvert married to an extrovert- Bruce is totally a people person. Total strangers are drawn to him in the oddest way. I think if you look around you'll see a lot of introverts married to extroverts. And while I'm not really into analyzing myself too much, (think what I might find!), I found these two info-graphics that I thought were interesting.
There are a few kernels of wisdom here! 


  1. Interesting stuff here...I think I am a weird combination of the two, and so it Scott, but I think the older he gets, the more social he is, strangely.

  2. me too, I'm a combo. But I think most people are a little marbled, rather than strictly one or the other. I think I have more extrovert in me than introvert (and so does Eric FOR SURE), but we both prefer to be at home than a big social gathering when it comes right down to it. :)