Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Tar Pit Update

Maybe you've been fixating on the state of our pool. I know I have. Good news- things are looking much better!
After constant filtering, chemicals and scrubbing, there is much improvement. There were no sea monsters lurking in the deep. No caved-in pool walls. Just a lot of clay dirt and some algae. There's still some dirt in there, but by week's end we should be able to start the heating process. If the weather holds, that is.


  1. That looks so much better! Did you figure out why it got so dirty? Wind? Defective cover?

  2. Everything east of us is farm fields. We replaced our pool cove at the end of last year, so we set a larger tarp over the pool instead of using the new cover. Lots of wind equaled lots of dirt in the pool.