Friday, May 17, 2013

He's Home.

Peter is home from college for the summer. How do I know?
Here's good clue:
Yeah, I guess those dirty dishes are supposed to put themselves in the dishwasher.

There's whole milk in the fridge again.
A staple in New Zealand, I like to buy it for him when he's here. I even label it as his- since he has a nasty habit of chugging straight from the carton.

Then his brother added commentary to my label.
Other signs he's home:
- Cookies and leftovers disappear at an alarming rate.
- Pacific Islander Reggae music is real, folks.
- Gus has gone from Alpha Male to picked-on little brother.
- Wall shaking, epic burps are happening all the time.
- Parties in the basement are just getting started at 10 pm.
- Volume levels have skyrocketed.
- There are 2 sliding grooves in the gravel where Peter parks his car since he roars up the driveway at alarming speeds.

Don't get me wrong- I'm happy that he's home for a little while and I'll miss him like crazy when he's gone!

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  1. ROFL.....I can totally relate! Love Brian's commentary.