Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Welcome To Our Tar Pit- Jump On In!

Last Saturday we took the winter cover off of the pool.
To my horror, this is what the water looked like:
It's a dirty mess. You can't even see to the bottom of the steps. Sea monsters and tube worms could be living in there!
Never in the last 16 years has the pool looked like this after the winter. Brian thinks one of the sides might have caved in. That would be...not so good. Bruce has the filters running, but I just don't know. I'll keep you posted, but in the mean time I hope Gus doesn't fall in- we'd never find him!


  1. Oh My! Maybe even the creature from the black lagoon is lurking about in there!

  2. oooh, that doesn't look pretty. Hope you get things cleared up soon! (and that no serious--aka expensive--damage caused the problem!)