Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Cute Monogrammed Charger Wraps

You know those projects you see on Pinterest and you think, "That's really cute! I want to do that." Then you pin it and it sits there for who knows how long and you forget about it. Yeah. I do that a lot. But occasionally I fight my way up through the other priorities that keep me from doing those cute little things and actually get a fun project done. Here's one I did the other day:
 My iPad charger seems to disappear from time to time. Does yours? Now I've labeled it with my initials. That'll keep it where it belongs- I hope!
Follow this link to download the easy template. It's a {free} download- all you need is full sheets of label paper. The directions show you how to change the monogram to your own and print it on the label paper. Quick and easy!

The whole page prints with lots of cute colors and styles- I'll be using these for other cute projects.
They have iPhone charger covers too- here's the link. I made some for the girls- come and get 'em, you two!