Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Chocolate Covered Strawberries? I'm Yours!

Lucky you, I have a new California place for you to see, and lucky me for having a new photo subject! Welcome to Huntington Beach- Surf City, USA!
 You know that big TV in the Hollister store, (Have you ever BEEN to Hollister? - quote from Brian after seeing his siblings wearing Hollister shirts, having served the last part of his mission near Hollister. New we all have to say that whenever we talk about the store!) anyway- the live camera in the Hollister store shows Huntington Beach. The kind folks at the Hyatt Regency there put us up for the night. They treated us very well- letting us stay in a suite:
 The bathroom was massive!
Here's the view from our room- that's the beach over there, just across the Pacific Coast Highway. Someday I want to drive the entire length of the PCH. Wouldn't that be fun?
They even left this little treat for us!
 I'm theirs for life!

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