Monday, April 1, 2013

Peeps Of The Hebrew Persuasion

The Stratfords held a new family Easter contest this year- Peeps decorating. Here's mine:
I thought it was so charming- saw it on Pinterest. I should have known that something this simple would not cut it around here.

Ben made a diorama of Peeps praying inside a circle of runes to the God of Green Candy.
Peter was blood thirsty in his account of a Celtic Peeps sacrifice.
 Shannon went all historic with her interpretation of Napoleon Bonaparte's famous portrait.
 Pretty close, when you're working with Peeps!

Bruce, who had watched The Ten Commandments lest night went all out with the Peeps of Israel crossing into the Promised Land- with Moses and Jared watching from the hillside. (Sorry about the terrible aperture- thus, the blurry Moses and Jared.) Bruce was very concerned that they wear "Hebrew Cloth" to look authentic.
Next year I will have to up my game. Big time.