Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Scottsdale 2013: The People

Lucky me! I got to go to the horse show in Scottsdale with some riders from our barn again this year! The weather...was perfect. 79-86 degrees every day, and I had the peeling nose to prove it. The show schedule was different this year which made for longer days. I was shooting from 8 am till 5 pm every day. After 9 hours of mental stimulation I didn't feel like doing my normal Arizona things like touring model homes, shopping at Crate and Barrel or taking pictures of the desert spring flowers. At the end of the day I pretty much showered off 3 pounds of desert dust, found some dinner and went to bed. It was still fun, because it was a horse show, but the days were long. Here's some of my favorite shots of my barn friends who were at the show with me:
 Not only did I drag the whole barn awning and furniture down there, but I took the golf cart in the trailer too. It worked fine, but I probably won't be doing it again. I have never seen a gas gauge move so quickly. We have a new addition to our display- LJ aka. Lawn Jockey. His solar lantern lights up at night.
 Piglet counts as a person because she is one.
 This is our trainers dad, who lives in the upscale Boulders development in Carefree. At 88 years old, he's quite a charmer and has at least 4 girlfriends that we know of. The night I drove into town he invited us all to his house for a BBQ. Then he played several Frank Sinatra songs for me on his organ. How can you not love that?
 Tomorrow: The jumping. After all, that's why we were there!

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